Legal Mandate

Legal Mandate

Our Mandate:

The Somali Export Promotion Council an autonomous body set up in 2019, Somali Export Promotion Council gives impetus to exports from Somalia. The Council works under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and is the central institution in the country that works towards the promotion and development of non-traditional exports from the country. in order to meet our objectives, we are planning to develop Somali Agro-Business.


To Provide a Marketplace for Somali Exporters, Through Connection, Facilitation, Capacity Building, and Standardized Quality of their Goods.


To promote Somali goods, Services and Creating international trade relations to boost the country's manufacturing trade into the international markets to achieve trade balance and economic development at large. Working with banks in the investment sector to promote business productivity. facilitating and promoting agro-business opportunities. 

Council Sectors

    1.  Farming Sector

    2.  Livestock Sector

    3.  Fishery Sector

    4.  Industry Sector


The Council’s Objectives and Scope of Activities

The main objective of the Export Promotion Council is to ensure that export trade plays a role in aiding the economic growth of the country. The Council concentrates on marketing non-conventional products using some strategic and aggressive marketing.

* Identify quality products suitably for export and locate appropriate markets for them.

* Organize exhibitions, events in & outside the country to create goodwill for Somali products.

* Provide Somali exporters with all required international standards.

* Organize market missions to facilitate meetings between exporters and prospective buyers from abroad.

* Offer advice to exporters on export marketing.

* Train exporters and staff from export institutions to enhance their export marketing skills. 

* Recommend to the government the assistant and/ or incentives that Somali exporters need.

* Provide businessmen and exporters traveling overseas from Somalia with relevant information.