International Marked Development and Promotion Service.

International Marked Development and Promotion Service.

Contribute and results-based export facilitation procedures.

Follow-up with selected companies identified for the potential exporter's Enabling Program.

Coordinate and follow-up on exporter readiness assessments.

Coordinate and cooperate with partner organizations, stakeholders, beneficiaries, and donor agencies.

Participate to make Somalian products and services more competitive in international markets.

Participate to develop and support industry sector marketing plans and firm-level assistance for enhancing the marketing and export capacities of the private sector.

To represent a company before the customs examination assessing the document.

Payment of duties and releasing the cargo from customs after the clearance of documentations.

Handle the day-to-day customs clearance operations.

Maintain proactive inter-departmental coordination, in order to process the shipments on time.

Customer service - Attend and reply to client queries and proactively update them on the status of their shipments.

Proper co-ordination with Shipping Lines, Transporters, customs, and Customers for timely collection and dispatch of shipments.

Ensure that all relevant systems are used correctly for all jobs shipments, all jobs are invoiced and closed within the specified time frame.

Follow up on truckers till shipments arrive at client premises/ports.

Reconciling same with finance with no tolerance or delay.

Customer service reporting and daily interaction with customers.

Export Performance serves as intermediaries between foreign buyers and domestic sellers. Unlike export traders, who buy the products before selling directly to foreign buyers, export managers

find buyers internationally for domestic product manufacturers.

Export Performance plan and coordinate the international shipment of goods. During the course of the day, they may negotiate with a variety of people, such as shippers, agents, and vendors, and are

expected to have excellent customer service skills in dealing with customers.